An API-based Microservices Architecture

The right API management platform can help you create a secure and reliable channel to rapidly integrate and deliver new features in your applications with Microservices architecture.

Organizations are becoming more demanding than ever. They are becoming more adventurous and blurring their boundaries rapidly. So what is the API economy? Today, every organization, large and small, is digitally transforming from the IoT to Mobility. In this digital era, APIs act as the digital integrators that help enterprises deliver compelling experiences by connecting services, applications, and data.

Miracle Software Systems is a minority certified, global systems integrator with over 27 years of experience delivering best-in-class solutions for global enterprises. With over 2500 employees across the globe and experience working with 42 of the Fortune 100, we have built extensive expertise and knowledge across the Enterprise Integration Stack that enables us to deliver innovative, high-quality, and cost-optimized services to our customers.

Our API Partners

Through our partnerships, we can offer you the perfect API solutions for your needs. We work closely with product teams from all of our partners to ensure that we can offer the latest insights into roadmaps, strategy, and feature additions.

  • IBM
  • Mulesoft
  • CA Technologies
  • Apigee
  • AWS

API Offerings

Our Assets in API Management

  • Reusable frameworks for building, deploying, and managing API proxies using Jenkins, GitHub, JMeter, and Maven
  • Framework to monitor and analyze API logs through Miracle’s Enterprise Monitoring Framework (MEMF)
  • Custom tools to convert API proxies into YAML extensions
  • Best practices on REST security implementation using TLS/OAuth/HMAC
  • Best practices and comparison between SOA governance vs API governance
  • Accelerator to perform XML parsing, XML schema validation, XPath routing, XSLT, XML compression, and other essential XML processing with wire-speed XML performance
  • Accelerators on exception handling, re-processing, and journaling
  • Accelerators on logging and monitoring, service orchestration, and MQ-based use cases

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