Explore the Cloud Foundation Services for your Business Needs

We have established strategic partnerships with major cloud providers like AWS, Google, IBM, and Redhat to name a few so that we can truly provide Multi-cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and On-Prem Private Cloud, and many other cloud automation services that will help you drive digital acceleration in 2021.

Our services include the design and deployment of the multi-cloud architecture, enabling agility, scalability, data and application vigilance, and end-to-end security.

Miracle’s cloud accelerators will help you to kick start your cloud journey smoothly. We developed scripts to automate operations like installation and configuration for the following line items in a single click.

  • Application Servers
  • Installing SI 
  • Jenkins 
  • Docker installations
  • Kubernetes
  • Databases like MongoDB and MySQL

With our Cloud accelerators, we help you reduce your downtime for your cloud deployments from hours to minutes.

We deliver our Cloud Foundation Services in four phases,

  • Define
  • Architect
  • Deliver 
  • Shift to cloud

With Cloud Foundation Services, you are on the right path before application migration takes place. User Guides, Best Practices, and Standards will all help in the process by which we guide you through the configuration, setup, build, and support phases.

Our Cloud Architecture Expertise

Our services for the Cloud include the following,

  • Migrating your environment to the Cloud
  • Developing/Deploying/Supporting Applications in the Cloud
  • Architecture and Consulting Services for the Cloud
  • Deploying/Supporting Servers and OS Instances on clouds such as Amazon EC2
  • Integrating On-Premise Applications with the Cloud
  • API Management Services

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