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Understanding and Safeguarding Your Systems from Polyfill Supply Chain Attack

Nowadays, ensuring the security of supply chains has become more crucial than ever. Recent incidents like the Polyfill Supply Chain Attack underscore the vulnerabilities that can be exploited within the supply chains. This attack has shaken the entire supply chain community, impacting 100,000+..

Elevate Your Search Accuracy with Vector Search in Vertex AI

Introduction Vector Search utilizes vector search technology developed by Google Research. With Vector Search, you can leverage the same infrastructure that provides a foundation for Google products such as Google Search, YouTube, and Play. Unlike keyword searches, it identifies meaningful..

Duet AI: Your Next-gen AI-Powered Tool for Enhanced Productivity

In the modern world, it is important to optimize workflows and boost productivity. Artificial intelligence has become a powerful tool in this transformation, and Duet AI stands at the forefront of this revolution. An AI-powered collaborator embedded in Google Cloud and IDEs, Duet AI provides real..

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