8 Chatbot Use Cases for different Industries

In today’s digital era, organizations are considering customer experience as a high priority, as it gives them better business outcomes. Among all the disruptive technologies, Chatbots are creating ripples across all industry verticals. Chatbots are recognized as a new era of communication, as they mimic human-like interfaces and make conversations with customers.

It is no surprise that Chatbots are being widely used in almost every industry. Reports say that almost 80% percent of businesses look forward to investing in Conversational Chatbots by 2023.

Below are the use cases of Chatbots in different industries,

1. Healthcare 

Chatbots in the healthcare industry can help patients reduce their weariness by scheduling appointments on the go. Added to this, the medical staff can collect basic information about the patient at the time of check-in, eliminating the risk of human errors. It acts as a healthcare assistant, answering queries related to drugs and diet, and can also double up by providing personalized answers based on the patient’s medical history to further facilitate the end-user experience.

2. Banking 

The banking industry is one of the early deployers of Chatbots with an aim of personalized banking. They have enabled customers to interact with Chatbots to clarify their frequent banking related queries, thereby improving customer satisfaction and engagement. These banking Chatbots allow customers to access and ask for their account balance, bank statements, fund transfer, investment advice, and many more. 

3. Insurance

Filling insurance and claim forms will be a tedious and time-consuming task for customers. They come across monotonous, inefficient, and drawn-out questionnaires, finding themselves trapped on the phone for hours. Chatbots can easily engage with customers by sending straight answers to their questions in the form of little snippets. The Chatbots can manage digital claims through conversations with customers across multiple channels, thereby quickly eliminating delays and customer frustration.

4. Human Resources

Recruitment is one of the critical HR responsibilities. Starting with initial screening and recruiting, through onboarding, to training and employee support, Chatbots can be used to automate the entire onboarding process. Secondly, it can be useful as a handbook containing all the HR procedures of a company, and if an employee has a specific question, the bot will automatically answer it. When it comes to scheduling a meeting, a simple text or voice request to the chatbot is all it takes to call up calendars and schedule meetings without further email correspondence.

5. Travel and Hospitality

Chatbots for the travel and hospitality industry guide Travellers/Tourists at all levels. Whether it’s FAQs, travel tips, or recommendations, Chatbots act as personal agents providing the customers with a wide range of information, thereby allowing them to seamlessly search, compare, and book their journey and accommodation. Chatbots reduce the need for contact centers or human staff as they complete tasks and respond to common customer issues twice the speed of any human and with 24/7 support. As a result, companies can save the additional personnel, training, or payroll expenses.

6. Telecommunication

Among all the industries, customer service in the telecom industry is a bit challenging. Telecom companies come across thousands of customer queries in a day, leading to overloading of the company’s customer service, thus increasing customers’ wait times. Chatbots work well in these cases, as they quickly resolve customer issues and handle requests that are repetitive in nature such as inquiries about recharge plans, pricing, coverage areas, basic setup procedures, etc. With 24/7 customer support, it keeps your customers satisfied all around the clock, thereby helping you build trust and improve user engagement.

7. E-Commerce

It is evident that people use different messenger apps for shopping and which is why top E-Commerce companies like eBay, Snapdeal, Alibaba, Amazon. etc. have deployed a chatbot to make their customers connect with their brand on apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. Chatbots in eCommerce act as personal shopping assistants where they provide personalized solutions based on the likes and dislikes of the user. It also keeps in mind the size, favorite color, preferences, and other things and recommends accordingly. These Chatbots engage with customers 24/7 with little or no human intervention needed.

8. Retail

An increase in online purchase activity has made in-store retailers realize that going digital would help them compete with eCommerce businesses. Equipping physical shops with kiosks to provide online services helps retailers create faster and smoother customer experiences. Retail Chatbots can stimulate human conversation while interacting with customers, providing personalized care, and recreating an in-person buying experience. They eliminate contact forms, and long response times, and provide immediate assistance when a customer is searching for a specific product or requesting information.

Chatbots are the Future

We are already witnessing the usage of Chatbots across various industries. With chatbots evolving faster and becoming smarter, there will be new approaches where we see more chatbot use cases that are as efficient as human support through predictive and sentiment analysis. They may also be able to provide solutions to complex queries without escalating for human assistance.

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