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RPA can be used for a variety of purposes including customer onboarding, accounts payable, order processing, customer service notifications, and many others. The RPA programmed bots can help automate manual tedious tasks and allow your employees to focus on more strategic tasks that can improve your business. If you are done realizing the benefits of RPA for particular processes, then it’s just the beginning.

You might be aware that data is the most critical source that brings value to any business. In a day, your organization might generate a lot of data through the automation of your business processes. And that data could bring huge value to your business if you use analytics to derive intelligence and insights from it. RPA analytics helps you in two ways. Firstly, it gives reports on the health of your RPA bots by analyzing their performance like which bots are performing well and which ones are failing. It also gives you detailed information about the progress of your automation initiatives.

Secondly, it develops a deeper understanding of your business processes and workflows by analyzing data from the bot to deliver actionable insights on how you can meet your business goals.

Know how your bots are performing

Using Analytics, you can track and trace how your bots are performing. A leading analytics solution will provide,

  • Real-time health and performance monitoring of bots
  • Information about the areas where your automated process is slowing down
  • Actionable data on your bots through Visual Dashboards
  • Visibility into the process to ensure you are meeting your automation SLAs

Analytics can inform about things like which bots are performing better and which bots are failing, areas where your automated process is slowing down, and others. These analytics will help you upgrade your bots to get optimal performance from them.

Maximize ROI

Business leaders need to understand the return on investment (ROI) they are getting from their investment in RPA. With analytics, you will be able to understand, manage, and optimize ROI through insights you get from your RPA bots. By automating each process, you generate a vast amount of raw data that can be converted into business insights using an analytics tool. This data gives you a clear picture about revenue growth, cost savings, and productivity advancements. It also allows you to calculate how much you saved versus how much you invested.

Predict and Improve Business Outcomes

Once you are well-versed with analytics, you can advance to AI-infused predictive analytics that gives you the business intelligence you need to anticipate results and adapt. For example, you would like to know the current speed of your automated order-to-cash cycle in order to measure the impact if you change your payment terms. You can predict customer payments by analyzing historical patterns in customer behavior and use that knowledge to strategize on how to improve cash flow. Analyzing the data generated from automating invoice processing helps you predict how many invoices will be received and how much can be spent in the coming months.

Gain Actionable Insights from Raw Data

As we know, every automated process generates vast volumes of raw data. By using RPA analytics, you can effortlessly transform all the data into deeper insights, everything from cost savings to revenue growth to productivity advancements.

How can UiPath help Scale your Automation Journey to the Next Level?

UiPath’s RPA Analytics solution “UiPath Insights” enables your business to track, measure, and manage the performance of your robots, queues, and processes from a customizable library of dashboard templates. It calculates the business impact of your automations and quickly shares the results with key stakeholders across your organization to drive strategic data-driven decisions.

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