Are (cool)chat bots really meant for the Enterprise?

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What is a Chatbot?

A computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users, especially over the Internet – Wikipedia. In simple terms, a chatbot is an artificial intelligence powered agent that communicates in natural language with users over messaging based channels.

Oliver(Bot) - Hi, how can I help you today?
James(Human) - What is my checkings balance?
Oliver(Bot) - Your current checkings balance is $23,456.00
James(Human) - I lost my card, can you deactivate it?
Oliver(Bot) - Sure, I have sent a 4 digit authentication to..

Why do we need Chat Bots?

The simple fact that the big 4 messaging apps have surpassed the big 4 social media apps in terms of users shows us that today’s digital consumers love to chat! The fact that users can now access business services through a conversational platform allows them to use what they love without having to install an app (or) remember a website.

Chat Bots are the new UI, and the future of business interactions.

Enterprise Chat Bots

So, coming back to the question at hand – do Enterprises need chatbots? Yes, absolutely!

The use cases within an Enterprise range from improving employee efficiency to delivering better customer experiences. Everybody involved in an organization(Employees, Partners, Investors, Customers) will benefit from a chatbot economy. Check out this video about Steve, a Hats and Caps Salesman and how his bot assistant helps him every day!

Human Effort Amplification(Not Replacement)

The misconception at most organizations is that chatbots can do everything and will replace humans. This is not true, they instead are helping many humans do their jobs better by solving the mundane and handling the repetitive.

Through chatbots, you can help your organization achieve,

  • Improved efficiency in your processes and interactions
  • Better end user experience(Customers, Employees, and Partners)
  • Reduced costs around manual, repetitive work

Enterprise Use Cases

To wrap up, let us talk about a few Enterprise Use Cases that you could start off with. It would be suggestible to start small, start internally and then expand your conversational bot program to more use cases.

Employee Self-Service
Take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers!

Your employees are your biggest asset and being able to ensure that they get what they want when they want it is very important. So how do you deliver digital experiences and business services to them in channels that they already have and prefer?

Chatbots! Imagine an employee asking for a leave on the 21st through a chatbot (or) another employee resetting their password by having a conversation. Conversational interfaces enable users to get information rapidly rather than having to wait on a phone line (or) submit a ticket.

Enabling your intelligent bots to be connected to backend systems gives them even more power to provide data to end users.
Customer Experience and Marketing

Managing a call center (or) maintaining a chat help desk on your website is really difficult. The cost of such an effort is huge, both in terms of capital investment and ongoing operational costs.

With chatbots, you can now enable all first level conversations to be handled with ease. So goodbye to call queues and disconnected experiences for your customers, now they can get information within seconds while getting the same uniform message.

Do Enterprises need chatbots? (A resounding)Yes, just like the 90's asked for websites and the 21st century asked for mobile apps -> 2018 and beyond is asking for chatbots!

The possibilities are limitless! For more information about chatbots and cool technology check us out at The Laboratory – Video Playlist.

About the author

Chanakya Lokam

Bot Developer, Tech Enthusiast, Speaker, and Innovator - Chanakya Lokam heads a team of digital rebels who work on Next Gen technologies. He is currently working as Director for the Innovation Labs at Miracle.


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  • Introduction of chat bots at enterprise level will not only benefit employees, it will also help the organisation to operate efficiently. Chat bots are the thing of the future with endless implementations and possibilities, a very informative and exciting article.

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  • Just gone through with one of our companies achievement chat bot. Which is a very worthy and well established connectivity of data source. It was beautifully designed and gravity of the application is so effective to use as a user friendly.

    To that a bit addition on observation from my end: There was conversation between Steve and the other women (Say for example: data analyst) she was giving information on the inventory here a small change can be done (if applicable) a dash board on the inventory on mobile it self and Steve him self can make a decision on the inventory’s and analyze the statistics of the product demand and order for manufacturing or procurement.

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