How does IBM Cloud for SAP help Overcome Enterprise Business Challenges?

As a part of the digital transformation initiative, enterprises are looking for ways to better utilize disruptive technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain to gain a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining customers.

In order to achieve that, businesses are now turning to the cloud. As per a recent survey, 65% of IT decision-makers said the cloud is necessary to support organizations’ strategic business goals. But, when it comes to utilizing the cloud for mission-critical workloads such as SAP, they believe there will be some business risks associated with app performance, integration with other apps, security, compliance, business disruption, and costs. 

Leveraging Cloud for Business Growth

Although there are some risks associated with migrating SAP workloads to the cloud, most SAP certified partners understand that the “cloud” is more than an alternate place to deploy SAP applications. They believe that continuing to limit offerings to the same old integration would mean missing an opportunity to increase revenue and grow business. With the right cloud platform, SAP partners have multiple opportunities to increase their revenue, including the following,

  • SAP certified partners can quickly and cost-effectively build, replicate, and deploy new software that can add value to multiple clients’ deployments
  • Integrate analytics and artificial intelligence to enable customers to derive insight from SAP databases
  • Develop innovative solutions based on new technologies such as IoT and Blockchain to meet customer needs 
  • Easily integrate third-party applications and microservices into SAP applications, via APIs and templates available with the cloud platform

Maximizing the Value of SAP Data with IBM Cloud

SAP applications are key to the success of many data-driven organizations. An AI-enabled cloud platform allows you to access information in real time and deliver insight where it can provide immediate value. This requires an infrastructure with AI capabilities to help extract the most value from your data. IBM Cloud meets you wherever you are in your cloud journey and provides the right cloud infrastructure for your SAP solution that works for your organization. It provides you the flexibility to deploy S/4HANA on a public or private cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment, to meet your business requirements while maintaining control and security. 

Benefits of Running SAP Workloads on IBM Cloud 

  • Optimization – The cloud optimized for SAP allows you to run all SAP business applications with the highest performance
  • Low Risk – IBM Cloud provides unwavering security and data protection for your SAP workloads
  • Availability – Your data will be available when and where it is needed without having to build and manage a separate, off-site data center
  • High Performance – IBM Cloud offers the most powerful SAP-certified servers in more global data center locations than any other cloud service provider
  • TCO Efficiency – Lowest cloud vendor costs, offering pay-as-you-go services
  • Informed Decisions: By gaining better insights into your business, you can make better-informed decisions to successfully guide your organization forward

Why IBM Cloud and Miracle?

Miracle Software Systems, Inc. is an IBM platinum level business partner, having decades of experience in creating joint customer successes with SAP. Together with IBM, we provide our customers with industry-leading cloud solutions that can accelerate time-to-value while delivering the power, performance, and scalability they need to accelerate their businesses. We leverage our vast industry experience with IBM to help you derive the most value from your SAP data. We enable customers to easily manage data across multiple on-premises and public cloud environments, thereby providing a seamless hybrid multi-cloud experience.

Learn more about how Miracle’s SAP on IBM Cloud services can help you quickly realize tremendous business acceleration and cost savings.

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