Integration made easy with webMethods Integration Adapters

WebMethods Integration Platform

Software AG’s webMethods Integration Platform is a proven, pre-integrated software suite that enables enterprises to rapidly integrate systems, services, devices, processes, business partners and data to provide new business value and improve business performance.

Being a proven integration platform, it enables quick connectivity for all your systems and applications, no matter where they are. Encouraging a connected enterprise, you can quickly leverage and adopt new technologies while reducing the risk associated with the adoption. With its plug-and-play model and everything-to-everything integration philosophy, webMethods helps to ensure connectivity to your SaaS and Mobile applications as well.

WebMethods Adapters

WebMethods comes bundled with multiple adapters, which ensures that we can quickly integrate with new systems and data. Software AG also provides a webMethods Adapter Framework, which provides a single location to manage all your locations. Adapter

If you are an organization, which is migrating to the cloud with, then the new challenge that comes to mind is how you can connect your on-premise applications to the cloud. This can be done quickly with the webMethods Salesforce Adapter in a no-code approach.

This provides seamless bi-directional connectivity between the cloud and your applications. The no-code approach ensures that you can communicate from the webMethods ESB to any by just mentioning the required fields and the service will be built for you. The adapter also comes with out-of-the-box features such as session management and meta-data introspection.

SAP Adapter

The webMethods SAP Adapter enables integration between trading partners, in turn extending the reach of your SAP infrastructure to customers, partners, and suppliers. With the adapter, you can extend SAP business processes and integrate 3rd party systems using open and non-proprietary technology. Through the adapter, you can enable asynchronous, bi-directional and real-time communication to and from your SAP Applications.

All SAP functionality can be accessed through the RFC from the SAP Adapter and your external applications need not understand ABAP structures, SAP Data Types (or) the RFC protocol to communicate with SAP. Users can also invoke SAP Services through the adapter.

Oracle Applications Adapter

Using the Oracle Applications Adapter we can quickly create integrations with various Oracle Applications using the provided user interfaces, services, and templates. The webMethods Oracle Application Adapter is an add-on for the webMethods Integration Platform which allows you to exchange data with Oracle Applications. The adapter provides seamless and real-time communications to and from the Oracle Application System without requiring changes to the existing security infrastructure.

Using the Oracle Applications Adapter, Integration Server clients can run services that execute transactions to retrieve data from, and insert and update data into Oracle Applications systems. For example, you can use the Oracle Applications Adapter in a flow that receives an XML-based purchase order and then inserts a sales order into an Oracle Applications system.

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