Learn about the New Features and Capabilities of UiPath Business Automation Platform

In today’s dynamic business world where enterprises need to operate like a digital business, unleashing automation-fueled value can help them save costs, improve revenue, and enhance customer and employee experience. 

With market-leading capabilities in every stage of the automation lifecycle, from discovering opportunities to automating processes to operating an enterprise-grade capability, UiPath Business Automation Platform provides the solid technology foundation for strategic, enterprise-wide automation.

UiPath has announced new features and enhancements through its biggest product release of the year, 2022.10. This latest release offers more enhancements that allow businesses to automate faster and operate more efficiently.

Latest Features and Capabilities in the 2022.10 Release

1. Rapidly Build Next-gen Apps

The 2022.10 release offers low-code experiences that allow business users and developers to quickly build new business processes while adapting to the existing ones.

2. Continuous Discovery

The latest release allows you to discover the current state of your processes and tasks, take action to optimize them, and monitor them to find additional improvement opportunities. 

3. Intelligent Platform

The latest improvements in the platform components of the Automation Suite help you deliver more value by automating processes involving unstructured data.

4. Enhanced Security and Compliance

New enterprise-grade security and compliance features like IP range restriction and customer-managed Orchestrator keys allow you to automate systems and data that live in private clouds.

5. Alerts Overhaul

Orchestrator continues to be at the heart of true enterprise-scale automation management. It alerts you to keep track and act faster on important notifications. The deep linking allows you to get more details on a specific alert directly from the newly redesigned email notifications or from within Orchestrator.

6. Scalable Job Scheduler

Organize your business processes better with more granular priorities for processes, jobs, and triggers. The Scalable Job Scheduler enables system and time-trigger-based job executions, as well as underlying recurrent jobs associated with queue triggers.

7. UiPath Integration Service

Integration Service enables automation via API on the same platform. The new Connector Builder feature makes it possible to create and share custom connectors between your applications and the UiPath Platform.

8. Connector Builder for Integration

Connector Builder provides a low-code/no-code way of adding native API integrations between application workflows. New custom connectors are immediately added to the Integration Service connector catalog.

9. Event Triggers

Triggers empower robots to automatically work across dozens of applications based on events. The latest enhancement improves the developer experience through added support for testing, simulating, and debugging event triggers.

Innovate and operate more efficiently

With new products and hundreds of product updates, there are a lot of improvements across the UiPath Business Automation Platform in this release. Applying these new capabilities can take your automation program to the next level, as you deliver a new way of operating and of innovating.

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