Next Generation Identity and Access Management

With advancing authentication technologies, identity management predicted the disappearance of passwords. These technologies apply password alternatives such as biometric, iris, facial and authentication via other electronic devices.

Where Identity Management will head?

As technologies continue to progress the field of identity management will veer towards a combination of password management and unified authentication. With that in mind having a transparent process establishes a digital trust with your user.

Critical factors for establishing trust come from consistent cyber resilience and privacy efforts. A good starting point for cyber resilience is ISO 2700, where the results translate into a comparable score that consumers can understand.

In regards to privacy, consumers want to know if their data is being used unnecessarily. Researchers describe the promise of “differential privacy,” which is designed to ensure that consumers “will not be affected, adversely or otherwise, by allowing your data to be used in any study or analysis.”


As corporations have moved towards cloud, mobile, social and IoT-enabled environments, the IT landscape required to deliver business efficiency and growth has become increasingly complex. This leads to inevitable security vulnerabilities.

The IAM (Identity Access Management) equation becomes less of a siloed, stand-alone question; it now brings together several elements that have always played a part in access management into a cohesive, synchronized system working towards a goal. The landscape is far more evolved, incorporating things like,

  • Modern identity architecture
  • Identity governance and administration
  • Identity analytics
  • Identity proofing and authorization
  • Identity issues in the cloud
  • Identity for third parties
  • Using identity to protect APIs (and vice versa)

The key to minimizing security vulnerabilities is the adoption of a layered cognitive approach to the wider IAM.

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Subash Meda

IT security is one of my foremost interests. Access management, endpoint security, and loss prevention are some of my skills in this space. Outside of work, I also enjoy spending time with my family members, reading books and listening to music

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