The rise of conversational(chat) bots for HR!

Level Set – What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a conversational interface that understands natural language – which means that it is an AI-powered application that responds to users via messaging apps(like Slack and Skype) by understanding Natural Language.

So what does this mean for HR?

Based on the results of a recent survey that I came across, AI and Chatbots are currently the lowest priority of HR teams at large enterprises. I am here to change that notion and show them why chatbots can make their lives better and easier.

Let Laurel(The HR Bot) be your employee's first line of interaction for HR services - Free up HR executives to focus on employees, not tickets

I come from IT, but based on my understanding let me take a stab at what the expectation of an HR team is. They are supposed to, (Bear with me as I need to set the context for my big bang!)

  • Bring talent into the organization
  • Manage Questions and Grievances of Employees
  • Track Performance and Feedback of Teams
  • Keep Employees Engaged and Happy
  • Assist with Finances and Benefits

So imagine if some of the “everyday, repetitive and mundane” tasks could be automated and lead to better engagement, higher efficiency, and happy employees. I am assuming that would be something that surely tingles the interest of any HR team.

Today, employees spend over 1.8 hours a day to find information within the organization while HR is spending over 70% of their time on administrative tasks and answering questions.

Why Chat Bots seem like a good idea for them?

Here are few reasons why chatbots are gaining momentum at the enterprise level,

  • Today’s digital users are in love with messaging
  • Millenials want instant gratification
  • Installing yet another mobile app is frustrating

So chat bots help provide business services and data in messaging apps, instantly for your users without having to remember a website (or) install an app – ticks all the boxes above 🙂

Chatbots and HR Operations

To conclude, a conversational bot(or a group of them) can become core to the way your employees engage with the organization. They allow users to get information whenever, wherever and this helps to keep them engaged, rather than waiting for someone.

You reduce the load on your HR Team so that they can handle more high priority initiatives and at the same time improve

About the author

Chanakya Lokam

Bot Developer, Tech Enthusiast, Speaker, and Innovator - Chanakya Lokam heads a team of digital rebels who work on Next Gen technologies. He is currently working as Director for the Innovation Labs at Miracle.


  • it was really a wonderful article Chanakya. The presentation skills of the article were outstanding, especially it’s understandable in a simple manner. The chatbots revolution and how it can be helpful to the Human Resource team has been explained well.

  • That was really nice Chanakya.. It would be easy for us (HR Team) to communicate with resources in lightning quick and respond to them…
    That was really a great initiative from you… Kudos

  • Chatbots revolution can be witnessed everywhere businesses are finding new ways to take advantage of this highly useful technology. Customers want to support 24 hours while humans have their limitations so chatbots cover up for that especially in solving more repetitive and simple queries.
    In HR I believe chatbots might play significant in big companies but they are ideal for small companies as they have fewer employees to handle. In the current age, digital companies are getting formed which normally has much lower employee count than previous traditional industry-based organizations where thousands of employees were there to manage and facilitate which is why I believe the role of chatbots in HR would be pretty limited.

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