Top 10 API Testing Tools Enterprises Can Use to Modernize Their Business

In this blog, we are going to briefly cover API testing tools and its importance. Today most enterprises are facing challenges in building scalable and flexible applications to advance their business. A well-built API practice enables you to use multiple interfaces to deliver the best services for customers. In 2022, APIs will be optimized to provide safe and secure real-time data access. With the new formats like GraphQL and gRPC, programmers can deliver APIs developer-friendly and easy to integrate. 

Introduction to API Testing

The application programming interfaces(APIs) have experimented to satisfy the expectations of developers for functionality, performance, and security. It acts as a central layer within the database and the presentation (UI). It facilitates secure communication and data transfer from one system to another system. It offers impeccable functionality and enables easy future enlargement of the enterprise application.

Top 10 API Testing Tools

Below we have analyzed the top 10 essential API testing tools emerging today. Also, demonstrated their pros for a better understanding of the readers.

1. REST-Assured

REST-assured is one of the best tools enterprises are looking for in testing APIs in Java. It is an open-source platform that uses a Java Domain-specific language to test and validate Restful Web Services. It is also known as a general-purpose programming language that makes performing API testing easy. 


  • Enables POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, PATCH, and OPTIONS requests
  • No need to code everything from scratch as it gets with some inbuilt functions
  • This REST-Assured accepts the syntax of Behavior Driven Development(BDD) testing
2. Postman

Postman is a collaboration platform that offers a web version and desktop application for API development. It benefits developers in testing API services faster. It also offers multiple features for running, testing, documenting, and monitoring.


  • The handling of this tool is easy when compared to others
  • Easy to set up variables on method calls
  • Provides API development functionalities
3. SoapUI

SoapUI is a widely used on-premise API testing tool that empowers enterprises to test REST, SOAP, Web Services, and much more. SoapUI Pro provides development and testing teams a dominant solution to build, run, and analyze complicated tests on web services. SoapUI maintains unique characteristics like test reports, SOAP API testing, and others.


  • Able to build custom codes with Groovy
  • Without any manual interruption, the enterprises can transfer data from one response to various API calls
  • It can store your work for further reference
4. Fiddler

Fiddler is one of the great free web debugging agents for any browser, practice, or platform. It assists you to debug required web applications just by capturing network traffic within the internet and testing systems. While it enables you to monitor, manage, and reuse HTTP requests, the enterprises can choose it for observing the network traffic.


  • It can use in any browser and operating system
  • It is free to download, but also has an upgrade option to the paid version
  • Supports .NET language for robust add-ons
5. Citrus Framework

Citrus Framework enables you to automate integration inspections for virtually any messaging protocol/data format. It works with REST, SOAP, HTTP, JMS, and multiple other protocols. It performs tests using Java or XML. 


  • It is suitable for automated integration tests
  • Provides an error-free migration facility from development to production
  • Allows a wide range of data formats
6. RestSharp

RestSharp is one of the great testing solutions that is widely used for API testing. It enables developers to develop APIs in .NET. It is handy for Windows programmers using REST, and SOAP APIs to interact with external data.


  • Secure to use
  • Accepts synchronous and asynchronous requests
7. Insomnia

Insomnia is a free desktop application. While developers can easily make use of it due to its easy-to-use interface with advanced functionality. It enables you to create HTTP requests, show response details, and build your tests.


  • Secure to use
  • It has a great user interface
  • Works cross-platform and is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux
8. API Fortress

API Fortress is a robust API testing and monitoring solution for both REST and SOAP APIs. It works as per the industry requirements and demonstrates to be a worthful API testing tool. Similar to other tools it has SLA monitoring, sending notifications, and reporting features.


  • It empowers automated testings as part of a CI pipeline
  • Sends robust alerts and provides better data integrations
  • Permits continuous monitoring benefits for APIs and load testing
  • One-click automation feature for development and deployments (CI/CD)
9. Swagger

Swagger is an excellent API testing tool that enables users to test functionality, security, and performance. It can simply create, manage, and run API tests in the pipeline function using Swagger tooling.


  • Allows you to inspect API request responses and ensure they are functioning properly
  • It verifies schema rules, creates statements automatically, and inserts synthetic data into variables
  • Create complex load instances to test API’s scalability and efficiency
  • Enable services including REST, SOAP, and GraphQL
10. Apigee

Apigee is one of the most powerful tools used for API testing. It has become a part of Google Cloud and offers various API management characteristics. It permits users to test API performance and build APIs using different compilers like Swagger. It is designed for providing digital business transformation and data enriched mobile-driven APIs.


  • Recognizes performance issues such as error rates and acknowledgment times
  • Accepts Node.js
  • Easy to control

API testing tools are essential for enterprises that want to ensure the security and stability of their API infrastructure. By using these tools, enterprises can detect and fix issues before they cause problems for their customers. Furthermore, API testing tools can assist businesses in staying ahead of the competition by allowing them to quickly create and test new APIs.

Do you have any experience using API testing tools? Leave a comment and let us know.

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