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For any enterprise that wants to become connected yet flexible, an ESB is always a must to ensure that all its parts are talking with each other in a scalable model. Putting connectivity as a major factor for an enterprise’s excellence, IBM has brought together WebSphere MB and its own Enterprise Service Bus to deliver a universal integration backbone, IBM Integration Bus. Through IBM, IIB is an enterprise that can experience the best-of-both-worlds with enhanced functionality.

IBM’s Connectivity Road Map

With that being taken into consideration, IBM has announced the end of support for WebSphere ESB by April 2018, which means the time is now ripe to set the tone for migration to a much more powerful, future-oriented and universal solution for your connected enterprise. With the IBM Integration Bus, IBM’s endeavor to enable enterprise connectivity through a single integration solution has come true.

Is the transition to IIB smooth?

Absolutely! IBM is even giving customers free transfer options for your WESB licenses, along with the WESB Conversion Tool which ensures that you have a quick, seamless and peaceful migration to IBM Integration Bus.

What are my license transfer options?

With IBM Integration Bus being allowed in two unique models, you can opt for either one during your conversion process. You can either migrate to the original IIB model with comparable scalability and capability (or) choose the IIB Advanced mode with high availability (Active/Idle Parts) and advanced adapters and features included.

Option 1: 1 PVU of WESB = 1 PVU of IIB (Scale Mode)

Option 2: 2 PVU’s of WESB = 1 PVU of IIB Advanced + 1 PVU of IIB Idle Stand-By

IIB = Lean + Agile

IBM Integration Bus is the suture for enterprise connectivity and provides a universal integration foundation based on Enterprise Service Bus Technology. IIB helps to bring together a multitude of heterogeneous IT applications covering numerous platforms while also being supremely lean and agile. You can download the developer version, install the reduced footprint in minutes and deploy a service within 45 minutes. This converts to less than 30 clicks for your first service.

Is the functionality comparable?

With IBM Integration Bus you get the future of integration with advanced adapters, improved features and ease of usage. Some of the most prominent functionality advantages being provided through IIB would be,

  • Patterns to enable reusable components instead of starting from blank screens
  • Included IBM Extreme-Scale Technology based on Global Cache
  • Browser-based administration and Workload Management through policies
  • Easy Data Modeling of any message with DFDL
  • Advanced functional nodes which reduce the need for custom java code
  • Better positioning for future technology adoption (Mobile, Cloud, Social, and Analytics)

A Lower Cost Model

Even with the rich functionalities available, IBM Integration Bus provides you with a lower cost connectivity solution. Some of the main features of IIB which ensure this lower-cost model are,

  • No need for separate Integration Developer Toolkit licenses
  • Development and Unit Test Environments are free with IIB
  • High Availability with IIB Idle is priced 20% lower
  • Years of usage (WMB) and a great user community reduce your development difficulties
  • Operational Costs are reduced through a larger install base, proven technology, and supreme resources
  • SAP, JDEdwards, Siebel and other business adapters are included along with IBM IIB Advanced

Your Migration Partner

With numerous years of experience in the space of SOA and Connectivity, our teams are enabled to properly guide you through a seamless migration experience as you bring the power of IIB to your enterprise. We can help you in analyzing your existing WESB architecture through workshops and help you to understand the technology of IIB with a relative PoT. Contact us today to kick-start your migration from WESB to IIB.

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