Enhanced MFT Visibility and Control with IBM Sterling Control Center

The Challenge of Monitoring

In today’s complex marketplace, an enterprise’s key business processes are being driven by the flow of file-based information. As important as it is for these files to be transferred reliably and securely, it is also crucial for the enterprise to better govern their file transfer solutions. Higher levels of compliance, risk mitigation policies, better governance, and tougher security are all required for enhanced business value.

IBM Sterling Control Center

IBM Sterling Control Center helps your organization to track your critical events across your B2B and MFT software for enhanced B2B governance. SCC helps you to implement business policies, and in turn, alert your personnel when a policy is violated. This rule-based monitoring helps you to ensure that your SLA’s are not affected and also help you quickly identify issues through customizable reports and dashboards.

With IBM Sterling Control Center, your teams will gain complete control and visibility into the transfer of sensitive corporate data across networks. Governing your MFT approach through SCC offers many benefits such as,

  • Single Source Monitoring with Sterling Control Center Console
  • Customized dashboards for different levels of monitoring
  • GUI for displaying properties of managed servers, licensing and version information
  • Complete control over user roles, security, Connect: Direct Instances and server views
  • Policy-Violation alerts to ensure compliance to defined SLAs
Management, Automation, and Visibility

  • Manage inventory of your Managed Servers including an operating system and high-level usage information
  • Manage your file transfer activities with a wide-range of MFT solutions including Non-IBM products as well
  • Automate/Integrate into your Enterprise Architecture using the Control Center RESTful APIs
Monitoring Service

  • Alerts and Notifications for incomplete (or) failed processes
  • Events can be published to a queue for use by other systems such as IBM Business Monitor
  • Ability to run automated commands in response to events
  • Monitors environment status for components in your MFT/B2B infrastructure
  • Monitors all business processes for file and document movement
Audit and Compliance Functions

  • Consolidates and normalizes file transfer and process data into a single SQL DB
  • License Key Management and Node Discovery
  • Manage Connect: Direct configurations and provide Change Control
  • Asses security and configuration compliance
  • Control user access to specific data with Data Visibility Groups
  • Embedded IBM Cognos Reporting for Activity Analysis, Proof of Transactions and Error Analysis
Business Rules

  • Define business rules to trigger actions based on events in your infrastructure
  • Define and manage match criteria and trigger appropriate actions
  • Create rules based on File Transfers and Processes and enable simplified options and defaulted data

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